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You are being referred to ProNvest, Inc., doing business as Future Capital (“ProNvest”) by First National Bank of Fort Smith (the “Promotor”). The Promotor referring you to the following webpage will receive cash payment of 20% of fees if you open an advisory account with ProNvest. Fees start at $9 monthly for the first $50k managed, and then an additional $20 a month for each additional $50k managed. The Promotor may promote and may advertise ProNvest’s investment advisory services and may offer independent analysis and reviews of such services. You will not be charged any fees in connection with this referral and this arrangement does not impact the cost you will pay to ProNvest for advisory services. Promotor and ProNvest are not affiliated with each other and are not otherwise related entities. Additional information about ProNvest is contained in its Form ADV Part 2A, which you may access here. By clicking on the “Get started” above, you acknowledge receipt of this disclosure and ProNvest’s Form ADV Part 2A accessible via the link in the preceding sentence.

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