Full Stack Software Engineer

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Full Stack Software Engineer

Our small, close-knit team is in need of a back end developer. We’re looking for someone enthusiastic about building robust and maintainable React applications built on top of C#/ NET Core APIs. Ideal candidates would be excited about the opportunity to work with C#/NET Core 3+,Azure SQL, Azure Logic Apps, and React.

Why Us?

Professional wealth management services have historically only been accessible to well….the wealthy. Good luck trying to hire a traditional financial advisor without $250,000 or more of investable assets.We’ve been working hard to drive change in this industry.

At Future Capital, we believe that every person, regardless of position or account balance, should have access to prudent and professional money management. We’re leveraging modern technology to build products to help improve the lives of thousands of investors by making it easier for them to plan and invest for retirement.

We’re a small team with a lot of agency: we make big decisions about our products and are proud of the value and user experience they provide our customers.  

Upcoming Q1 2021 projects include:

* A new Intelligent IRA product which provides automated investing through consistently rebalanced low-cost ETF portfolios.
* Integration with our industry-leading financial partner Wilshire to provide real-time modeling of investment portfolios and performance data to our customers.
* Complete rewrites of existing legacy workflows and tools.

About our team:

We’re an intelligent group from diverse academicb ackgrounds. We value candid and open discussion populated by thoughtfu linsight from every member of the team. Located in Chattanooga, TN, we’re into the outdoors: camping, climbing, biking, rafting, and swimming init’s-so-secret-I-can't-tell-you-where-it-is swimming holes.

Why You?

* You can take abstract problems and concepts and distill them into concrete, actionable tasks.  
* You can solve problems before they occur by planning first, and then writing efficient code in good style that’s easy for you and others to maintain and contribute to.
* You can own a project through its entire lifecycle; from concept to design and then on to implementation.
* You have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer science or related field – strong fundamentals are important to us.
* You have experience with C# and the NET Core framework.
* You have experience with React and Hooks.
* You have experience with relational databases and (T-)SQL.

Benefits include:

* Eligible for health, dental, and vision plans available on day one of employment
* Group life insurance and disability insurance provided at no cost
* Access to a 401(k) after one year of employment.
* Free investment management for your (and/or your partner’s) 401(k)
* Free investment management for your (and/or your partner’s) Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with Future Capital.
* Holiday pay
* Vacation and paid time off
* Parking reimbursement