Our process

When we manage your retirement account, we build an investment portfolio designed to reach your retirement goal with a diversified mix of mutual funds that balance risk and return.


Age and glide path

We begin with your age. For younger investors with longer-term retirement horizons, we create portfolios with a mix of funds designed for capital appreciation, with more volatility but a higher return potential. For investors closer to retirement we emphasize capital preservation, with lower return potential, but lower volatility. As you age, we adjust your portfolio accordingly, creating a “glide path” that allows you to benefit from higher returns when you’re young, but giving you more stability as you near retirement.


Understanding risk

We look at more than your age, though. Your current balance, your income, your contribution level, and your other assets all affect your potential success in reaching your retirement goal. We adjust our portfolios accordingly by recommending an investment strategy (aggressive, moderate, or conservative) that fine-tunes your age-based glide path.

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