Leveraging Held-Away Assets: A Webinar Recap

The financial planning landscape is witnessing a pivotal shift, with held-away assets such as 401(k)s and other retirement accounts taking center stage. Future Capital's recent webinar dove deep into this shift, offering a beacon of innovation for financial advisors navigating these waters. Hosted by Will Jumper, Business Development Manager at Future Capital, and featuring Mark Butler, a luminary in the financial services realm and founder of Wealth Management GPT, the webinar offered an exploration of the intricacies and opportunities of managing held-away assets.

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What Are Held-Away Assets and Why Do They Matter?

Defined broadly, held-away assets encompass investments not directly managed on a brokerage or custody platform, with a primary focus on defined contribution and defined benefit plans. Despite their crucial role in retirement planning, these assets have historically remained at arm's length for many advisors, due to a mix of technological and regulatory barriers. The webinar underscored the vast potential of these assets, which form a significant portion of American retirement planning, yet are frequently overlooked in comprehensive financial strategies.

Securing the Future with Secure Act 2.0

The discussion highlighted the implications of Secure Act 2.0, marking a legislative shift towards more inclusive and enriched retirement plans. This move underscores the need for professional management of retirement savings, presenting an opportunity for advisors to deepen their engagement with clients' financial futures.

From Visibility to Action: Managing Held-Away Assets

While advancements in technology have granted advisors visibility into held-away assets, the webinar advocated for moving beyond mere monitoring. Future Capital's platform empowers advisors to actively manage these assets, harmonizing them with clients' comprehensive financial strategies.

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Embracing Future Capital’s Solution

Future Capital introduces a platform that not only allows advisors to oversee their clients' 401(k) accounts but also provides the back-office support necessary to manage these assets effectively. By assuming the role of fiduciary and investment manager, Future Capital facilitates the seamless integration of held-away assets into advisors' service offerings, unlocking new avenues for growth and enhancing client service.

Charting the Future of Financial Planning

The webinar by Future Capital highlights the evolving role of financial advisors in embracing the full spectrum of their clients' assets, including traditionally inaccessible held-away assets. As the industry moves forward, leveraging innovative solutions like those offered by Future Capital can be crucial for advisors committed to delivering holistic and effective financial planning services. The integration of held-away assets into comprehensive financial strategies heralds a significant leap forward for the industry, opening doors to enhanced client outcomes and new growth opportunities for advisors.

For financial advisors aiming to broaden their services to encompass the full array of clients’ assets, adopting the tools and insights provided by Future Capital can be a pivotal step toward holistic financial planning.


Q: Can the DOL PTE 2020-02 exemption be an advantage for wealth managers?

A: The DOL PTE 2020-02 exemption could benefit wealth managers by providing more options for advising on 401k management. By complying with the exemption, advisors create a defensible position for recommending rollovers, potentially earning fees and aligning with clients' best interests. Some advisors choose to keep assets in 401k accounts to maintain control and continuity in their financial plans. Overall, the exemption offers flexibility and may impact advisors positively in managing 401ks.

Q: What firms has Future Capital been approved to work with?

A: Due to NDA restrictions, we cannot disclose the firms we are approved to work with. If you have a question about whether your firm is approved or what the process to get approval is, reach out to our sales team at sales@futurecapital.com.  

Q: How many advisors are using Future Capital’s advisor platform?

A: Right now, we're in the high triple digits. If you have a question about how to get started or how the platform works, reach out to our sales team at sales@futurecapital.com.