Who We Serve

Plan Sponsors

What we do

Future Capital specializes in retirement planning and investment management.

We do the hard work for your participants by managing their retirement accounts and monitoring the market on their behalf. We can help your participants in less than 5 minutes with a no-cost retirement review to reveal retirement income shortfalls and create a diversified investment portfolio.
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Serving as a co-fiduciary on the plan

As a vetted and trusted fiduciary, we provide our managed account solution and educate participants about the importance of their retirement.
As a participant-level 3(38) fiduciary, we create and optimize a diversified portfolio for each participant from the funds available in the retirement plan. Future Capital is committed to helping participants build a better future while making the most of their money through our professional services.

Participant goals first

Goal-based solution

As a goal-based solution, we go more in-depth with retirement planning than just accounting for someone's expected retirement age. We include a wide range of individual and household factors that are critical to creating a personalized investment portfolio that helps each participant meet their retirement goals.

Enrollment meetings

Future Capital hosts enrollment meetings to explain the managed account services available through in-person meetings or webinars. We also add a personal touch for each participant by providing an individual retirement planning session.

Education materials

Future Capital offers a co-branded introduction video, educational email campaign, landing page, one-pagers, payroll stuffers, postcards, and more. We can customize our materials to suit the communication needs of your participants.

Dedicated retirement planning

We use technology to make investing intuitive, but we understand that sometimes participants need to talk to a human. Participants can contact someone on our team of dedicated retirement counselors whenever they need assistance.
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Plan retention

Ongoing procedures and services are in place at the plan level and participant level to help with retention.
Relationship manager

A dedicated relationship manager assigned to the plan will provide quarterly updates, review the plan's health, and coordinate re-engagement communications.

Future Capital client dashboard

Our dashboard provides ongoing engagement with participants as they check on their progress and get the latest market news.

Annual retirement reviews

We will notify participants when it is time for their annual reviews and encourage them to update their retirement plan with any significant changes.

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