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Future Capital connects anyone working toward retirement to the tools, services, and guidance they need to retire with confidence. Through trusted relationships with financial partners, we help clients navigate each step on the path toward their financial futures.

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After a long career in the local school system, Ann Jumper needed help managing her 401(k) so she could enjoy the retirement she’d earned. Luckily, her son Jay was a professional wealth manager and able to help. The situation prompted Jay to wonder: what would his mom have done if she didn’t have a financial professional in the family? Most advisors are incentivized toward managing high-balance accounts for wealthy clients. Moreover, assets like 401(k)s, IRAs, and other deferred compensation fall under different rules and regulations than other financial assets. And so, more than 20 years ago, Jay Jumper started Future Capital to bring quality investment advice to everyone who wanted to work and save for retirement.

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